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Employee Self-Service Kiosk

Employee self-service is "in", there is no doubt about that. These days the question is not what is it, but more "how are we doing it".

Employee Self-service programs range from employee benefits and job hiring applications, to portals such as PeopleSoft and SAP, to airline check-in kiosks to the grocery store down the street.

Direct savings derived from the use of HR Kiosks include:

  • Reduction in HR Staffing
  • Reduction in printing costs
  • Reduction in distribution costs
  • Fewer resources required for processing new hires
  • Reduction in new employee turnover
  • Better data integrity reducing information audits
  • Reduction in overall benefits transaction costs

Features and Benefits of a HR Kiosk:

  • HR kiosks offer self-service functions to employees without access to desktop computers, or those not located near an HR office
  • 24x7 access to HR information without the need for human intervention reduces costs and increases convenience for employees
  • Online forms and pay-stub printing on-demand saves paper, distribution and administration costs
  • Factory floor HR kiosks act as a virtual assistant for employee training, scheduling and other managerial functions
  • Hiring kiosks allow for pre-screening and processing of applicant data, accelerating the hiring process and reducing administrative delays
  • HR Self-Service applications can be layered onto retail kiosks for after-hours use, leveraging your existing investment
  • Gaining access to the disconnected employee through a kiosk increases employee morale
  • Optional touchscreen interface enables less computer-literate employees easier access to company information

Return On Investment

After a short pilot of its new Hiring Kiosk, Wal-Mart gained overwhelming evidence of tremendous cost and time savings to justify the recent deployment of over 5,000 Hiring kiosks to all of its retail locations and distribution centers.

Here is a partial list of companies utilizing HR Kiosks built by KIOSK. Contact KIOSK to discuss the potential benefits of an HR kiosk for your company.

  • USPS Employee Benefits Kiosk
  • Wal-Mart Hiring Kiosk
  • Pepsi Employee Payroll Kiosk
  • Disney employee Kiosk
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Citigroup Kiosk
  • General Parts Kiosk
  • Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Kiosk
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