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Clearsky Unveils First Integrated Mobile Download Station at CTIA

Mobile Download Station Lets Users Buy and Instantly Download Ringtones, Animated Greeting Cards, Mobile Coupons, MP3 Music, Games, and More!

March 22, 2004 (Atlanta, GA.) - ClearSky Mobile Media, Inc., a leading cellular brand entertainment company and content publisher for cellular smart phones and camera phones, announced today that the company is releasing its first integrated mobile download station at the largest data and wireless event in the United States, CTIA Wireless 2004, held in Atlanta Georgia this week.

ClearSky's Mobile Download Station is the first fully integrated, fully functional download kiosk offering mobile users the opportunity to do the following:

  • Browse and purchase ringtones, real tones, college logo wallpaper, and MP3 music files
  • Download JavaTM Games
  • Instantly print camera-phone color pictures (3x5 or 8x10) via Bluetooth®, Infrared, or USB
  • Pay cellular phone bills
  • Browse and print out mobile coupons
  • Customize and download animated greeting cards.

The ClearSky Mobile Download Station will be placed into theme parks, cellular retail outlets,shopping malls, and other high traffic areas.

Visitors to CTIA Wireless 2004 are invited to try the Mobile Download Station at Booth 2575.

About ClearSky Mobile Media
ClearSky Mobile Media, Inc. is an eight-year old mobile platform and carrier solutions company providing carriers, content publishers, consumer-brand owners, and handset manufacturers the ability to generate incremental revenue by delivering premium content to wireless devices. ClearSky offers a comprehensive suite of content and applications for SMS, MMS, WAP, streaming video and Java. ClearSky is headquartered in Orlando, Florida and serves customers throughout the Americas and beyond.

Source: ClearSky Mobile Media

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