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TravelerCenters.com Provides the Travel Industry with State of the Art Kiosk

ANTELOPE, Calif., May 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Automated Traveler Centers, a traveler solutions and service company today announced the launch of a new website at www.TravelerCenters.com. The site provides business partners, service partners and consumers with information and support they need to improve their quality of travel. TravelerCenters.com is our commitment to traveler solutions, via our technology and automated services, by way of an easy-to-use, self-service kiosk center.

TravelerCenters.com features a Kiosk Product Center Section which provides the latest information about the companies automated traveler solution centers. The web site also features a customer service area where travelers can learn about the latest prohibitive items and track items from the Boomerang Center.

"We hope this site helps educate and inform our customers about new products, programs and opportunities that will improve the quality of travel," commented Bob Afamasaga, CEO of Automated Traveler Centers. "We are delighted with the launch of this new website and the partnership we have had with Jack Frost Design. We needed a strong partner with the experience and knowledge to take our website and make it the repository of valuable information for the travel industry and traveling consumer. Jack Frost Design had the knowledge and experience to take our requirements and deliver a system to meet our current -- and future -- needs."

About Automated Traveler Center, Inc.

Automated Traveler Center, Inc., is a California company located just 14 miles north of Sacramento, California's Capital City. The company's Antelope headquarters is home to ATC's sales, professional services and financial teams. The company marketing team is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and our Southern California office offers sales and professional services for the airport and government markets. ATC's markets include hotels, airports, community centers, transit centers and shopping malls. ATC is committed to providing traveler solutions, via leading-edge technology and automated services, by way of an easy-to-use, self-service kiosk center. The senior management knowledge and experience with traveler solutions exceeds the industry average and our leading-edge technology making ATC a leader in the industry. Automated Travel Centers are designed and manufactured to become an asset and recommended solution at travel locations around the world. For more information visit www.TravelerCenters.com.

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